Twisted Cycle Milton
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Twisted Cycle Milton
Fitness Studio in Milton, GA
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Fitness Studio in Milton, GA

Are you ready to experience your best workout ever? This is easily accomplished with just one trip to Twisted Cycle Milton. At our fitness studio in Milton, GA, you'll get a high-intensity workout with a low impact on your body. We offer a mix of different formats designed to build lean muscle and burn fat. Our workouts feature two circuits with each focusing on strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, balance, and agility designed to help you lose weight and gain lean muscle while getting stronger. Our programs are for adults as well as teens, and we also have a child watch area available while you work out. Contact us today and get ready to take your fitness to the next level.


  • Cycling
  • Strength
  • HIIT



When coming to experience your first Twisted Cycle class, we ask that you arrive 30 minutes early to ensure we have enough time to customize your bike settings, set up your Trakr, and answer your questions.



Depending on the day's forecast, you will spend anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes on the bike. Our instructors will combine different drills of varying tension, RPMs, and watts with creative rhythm movements designed to keep every participant engaged.


Every workout has two circuits. The time on each circuit will vary from 12 minutes to 25 minutes depending on that days' forecast. Each circuit focuses on strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, balance, and agility designed to maximize caloric expenditure and muscle tone.

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